Window Types

Window Types and Styles

Home windows come in a number of different types, styles, and materials. From the classic picture windows to more complex double-hung windows, there are many different styles to choose from. In addition to the many styles available, window frames are available in multiple material types such as wood, aluminum, and the most popular vinyl windows. Below is a list of some of the most popular window styles and materials we provide. Visit each of the window types for additional information on each variation.

Window Styles

Awning Windows

Awning Windows

Awning windows contain a hinge, typically located at the top of the window, that allows you to open the window outward to let in ventilation. Awning windows are great if you like to open your window outward to let in air. Even if it’s raining, the “awning” in awning windows will provide cover from water entering the home so you can allow air into your home during light rainy weather.

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Bay Windows

Bay Windows

Bay windows are actually made of a collection of windows that come together in an outward U-shape. Bay windows provide great architectural detail to a home and can double as a reading nook, decorative area, or even a resting place for your pets. Bay windows are a beautiful addition to any home that aims to combine traditional styling with modern utility.

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Casement Windows

Casement windows are hinged on one side and can be made to open inward or outward. Picture opening a door that is hinged on one side, now imagine instead of a door, a window. That’s one way to think of casement windows. These windows are great for homeowners who want to let in plenty of natural light and still have the ability to let in lots of fresh air.

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Double-Hung Windows

Double-hung windows are one of the most popular window styles chosen by homeowners. These windows open two-ways, allowing homeowners to open the windows from the bottom, or open them from the top. This flexibility is great if you want the ability to control exactly how much fresh air you’d like to let into your home. Double-hung windows often include decorative window grids that add a bit more style and curb appeal.

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Garden Windows

Garden windows can really help complete the perfect kitchen. Imagine growing your own herbs and spices from the comfort of your kitchen; that’s what garden windows provide. The perfect combination of function and beauty, garden windows are great for bringing the outdoors indoors.

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Single-Hung Windows

A timeless classic, single-hung windows open one-way to let in plenty of ventilation. These windows typically have one latch that allows you to open the window upward. Single-hung windows are a great way to add natural light to any space without losing the ability to let in fresh air.

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Slider Windows

Slider windows are great for letting in a lot of fresh air and natural light. These windows are designed to make it very easy for you to open without any fuss. Slider windows are great for bringing outdoor spaces in and providing an effortless open and close.

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