Garden Windows

Garden Windows

Garden Window Features

Garden windows are a classic way to bring lots of light into your kitchen and provide a space to house indoor plants. These windows are great to place small indoor plants or even grow herbs and spices. This window style provides a unique three-dimensional element since it actually protrudes from the exterior of the home. This feature is great for allowing lots of natural light into the kitchen and can help to make the kitchen actually feel larger.

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Garden Window Options

Garden windows come in many different styles. You can choose to have your garden window made of fixed windows that do not open, or include casement and awning style windows to allow for fresh air to ventilate into your kitchen. The size and amount of windows that make up the complete garden window can also be customized to meet your needs. Vinyl is the preferred material for these window styles, but wood and aluminum can also be used.

Garden Window Installation

Need to update your kitchen with a new garden window? Oceanside Glass can help you install new windows that meet your needs and your budget. We have over 25 years experience providing window installation services to Oceanside, Carlsbad, Vista, and the surrounding communities. If you have questions about home windows, or if you’d like to find out how much it would cost to install new windows, please give us a call or submit an estimate request.

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