Window Repair

Window Repair

Sometimes all you need is a new window pane, or to replace the glass portion of the window. When this is the case you’re looking for window repair services rather than a full window replacement or window installation service. Repairing just the window pane is a much less expensive alternative to quickly fix a broken window, but won’t always give you the benefits of new windows with modern insulation technology.

Fix Broken Windows

Broken windows are a pain, and what you’ll need is a new pane…see what we did there. Joking aside, it’s important to be very careful around broken windows as the glass can be extremely dangerous, especially with larger non-tempered glass. If you have a broken window or even just a crack, give us a call and we can provide you with a repair estimate to quickly get the window fixed and safely remove the damaged window and broken pieces.

What Is The Process To Repair My Windows?

First, please be careful around any broken glass, especially while cleaning up the mess and dealing with any larger shards of broken glass. Once the area is safe, give us a call and let us know how large the window is and the shape. We’ll schedule a time that works best for you to visit your home and take measurements of the broken window. Once we have measurements, we’ll provide you with an affordable window repair estimate. Once we have your approval to move forward with the repairs, it takes about one to two hours usually to complete the repair.

What Will The Repair Cost?

It’s difficult to provide accurate cost information about your window repair without knowing the approximate size and shape of the window needing the repair. We can say that if you are only interested in replacing the actual window glass or pane, the cost is more affordable. Give us a call and let us know what you need, we can typically provide you with a ballpark price over the phone so you have a better idea of what the cost range will be to repair your window.

How Long Will It Take To Fix My Windows?

Replacing just the window pane or broken glass typically takes about one hour, depending on the size of the window. We take the time to remove any broken window glass present and clean up the surrounding area to ensure there are no remaining pieces of broken glass. Once we’ve removed any remaining glass from the previous pane, we can quickly insert the new window glass and complete the installation process.

Where Do You Offer Repair Services?

Oceanside Glass is a window repair company serving the needs of Oceanside, Carlsbad, Vista, and surrounding cities. We have been providing window repair services to our local North San Diego community for over 25 years. So long, in fact, we’ve probably repaired some of your neighbor’s windows at some point along the way. We’re a family business passed down from generation to generation, happy to provide window repair services to our local community.

How Do I Get Started?

Give us a call to replace your broken window. After asking a few easy questions about the size and shape of the window, we will schedule a time that works best for you to come out and measure the window. Once we have the measurements, we can provide accurate pricing for the repair. The actual installation process normally only takes about an hour.